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The Push

Evan Kelman

A United States Army veteran, living in New York City, runs every day as homage to his brother in arms. He reflects on his time in active duty, the training he went through and his motivation to always push harder and give more.

Road Warrior

Carlos Gutierrez

Brian Thomas started a foundation called Road Warriors, dedicated to raising awareness for cancer patients by running great distances. After years of work with the foundation, Brian himself was diagnosed with cancer which brought deeper meaning to his mission. This film follows the day in the life of Brian, as he battles through this disease. Brian and the Road Warriors have raised over $150,000 and run more than 3,500 across 21 states.

Dear Mom

Michael Medoway and Dean Chapman

The subject grew up with a single mom who worked two jobs to support her family. She would wake him up every day before the sun came up to check his homework and take him to school. She passed away a few years ago after a painful battle with illness, but her dedication inspires his drive to always push to be better. His early morning runs still connect him to his mom and reminds him of the discipline and strength she instilled in him.

I Run For A New Beginning

Joshua Traywick

An ex-con started running during the ten years he spent in prison. Running provided an escape from life inside and a channel for his frustrations, fears and pain. Since his release, running remains a constant in his life, helping him set goals and continue to push his life forward.

The Streak

Corrin Hodgson and Dan Ringey

Sam Cahn has run over 1200 days in a row. His inspiration for running came after discovering his late father’s journal, which lists the routes and miles he took on a 4-year running streak. Sam runs to connect with his late father, to inspire others and as a creative outlet.