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For Love of the Game

Whether you’re an equal-opportunity sports fan, or a one-team or one-sport type of backer, there’s something to love in this collection of basketball hats. Team merchandise like the New Era NBA 59Fifty 2-Tone Team Cap is the perfect way to show support for the home team or play up that easy, street-ready athletic vibe. From west to east, these hats help show team love while setting the tone for head-to-toe sporty vibes.

Brimming Over

Flat-brimmed hats are a menswear staple because the silhouette is so customizable. That's why the shape of the New Era NBA 59Fifty 2-Tone Team Cap can convey so many types of individual style, from preppy to hipster and, as always, serious streetwear. Keep things classic with a forward-facing brim, cargos, and a sweatshirt. Or play up retro vibes and swing that brim to the rear, keeping the outfit contemporary to avoid looking dated. With so many directions to take this piece, it’s basically the most versatile of all hat designs, making it a must-have silhouette for every serious cap collection.

A Perfect Fit

Fitted caps like the New Era NBA 59Fifty 2-Tone Team Cap have serious roots in sports, worn by athletes across all game lines. And they also play a major role in street culture — this hat wasn’t some one-size-fits-all selection. Instead, rocking a fitted hat shows that care was taken to find that perfect fit. When it comes to team hats, fitted caps are all about showing the love. Pick the piece that calls out a favorite team or city, and find a fit that’s snug, but not too tight — oversized jerseys are always on point, but hats should still stick to proper sizing.

Numbers Game

When it comes to hat construction, the material is important. The New Era NBA 59Fifty 2-Tone Team Cap's 100% polyester construction means hats can be washed (gently) in cool water settings while preserving the shape. Because a bit of scuff is a badge of honor, but outright stains just aren’t cool.

Then there’s the panel count. Flat-brimmed, four-panel hats like the ones in this collection are all about showing off designs. They maximize front-facing canvas space, so all the team love is easy to spot — especially when it’s raised and embroidered, to maximize the visual impact.