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Girls' Nike Air Max 90

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Flaunt It

The first Nike Air Max was released in 1987, and right from the start, sneakerheads could tell that this shoe was different. The creative brainchild of famed designer Tinker Hatfield, the shoe turned conventional sneaker design on its head. While the inner workings of previous models were kept a well-hidden secret, the Nike Air Max put technology front and center, meant to be worn as a badge of pride. As such, Nike launched the exposed Air Max sole trend. And that design decision is now the focal point of every new release with Air technology, including the Nike Air Max 90, a versatile shoe option for girls of all ages.

Bright Lights

Three decades after its first release, the Nike Air Max 90 is still delivering strong retro style vibes. Girls of all ages will love the range of colorways since they bring individual style to every outfit. The chunky silhouette and mid-rise opening blend perfectly with everything from track sets to leggings and T-shirt dresses. And that little hint of Air tech in the sole, surrounded by one pop of color, brings the hint of drama that even tiny fashionistas know to crave.

Cushy Jobs

Sneakers that look cool should also feel great, and the Nike Air Max 90 has the tech and style to deliver on both fronts. An extra-cushioned collar and ankle mean rubbing will never be an issue. And it doesn’t stop there: a full-length polyurethane midsole makes it a pleasure for kids to spend all day in these sneakers. Add in the impact cushioning from that Max Air unit and the split in the heel that further reduces impact, and slipping into a pair of Air Max 90s basically feels like walking on air.

Built to Last

If there’s one thing parents want, it’s a sturdy shoe that won’t be replaced until its outgrown. Here, again, the Nike Air Max 90 rises up to the challenge: choose from leather, suede, or synthetic uppers for the material that will wear best with each child. Then notice that signature Nike waffle tread pattern for durability and traction on the sole. These shoes will be sure to last.

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