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Kids' Converse Chuck Taylor

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Get a Big Look for the Littles in Kids’ Converse Chuck Taylors

Connect your littles to a big-time classic with kids’ Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. First appearing on the courts, they’ve lasted as a legendary look for more than a hundred years. And with sizes available at Foot Locker in grade school, preschool, and toddler options for boys and girls alike, there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Connect Kids to a Lasting Legacy

There are lots of signature basketball shoes and basketball-inspired sneakers today. But the rich history of Converse Chuck Taylor kicks stretches all the way back to the early part of the 20th century.

In 1917, Converse created the first shoe specifically for basketball. But that familiar canvas upper and rubber footbed of the All Star didn’t actually take on the name of Chuck Taylor until after a man named Charles H. Taylor walked into a Chicago-area Converse shop in 1921 with sore feet. The Converse folks didn’t just give him shoes — they gave him a job. Within about a year, avid basketball player Taylor had slightly reinvented the shoe to make it better for playing the game. The company showed its appreciation to Taylor by adding his signature to the ankle All Star patch in 1923.

Not only can kids connect with one of the early legendary figures of basketball, but they also can step into a sneaker that was the official shoe of international competition from 1936 to 1968. 


Something for Everyone

Even though other companies and shoes have appeared on the scene, “Chucks” never went away. There was something about that easily recognizable silhouette that kept fans coming back. From bold colors to allover-printed uppers, kids can always find something that catches their eye.

The traditional high-top is the truest throwback. But the Oxford (“Ox”) style offers a lower cut that might feel like a better fit with certain outfits. Choose from uppers that feature traditional solid colors, or catch attention with translucent or iridescent finishes. Some soles even feature a rainbow gradient. A rubber toe cap adds a detailed look with a little protection for the toes. And the rubber midsole/outsole offers a reliable grip that, like the Chuck Tayor itself, is built to last.