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Kids' Nike Roshe

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Maximized Minimalism

Back in 2012, the Nike Roshe launched as the ultimate no-nonsense sneaker. A minimalist aesthetic that had high performance, factors like an unmolded EVA sole kept costs down, while a streamlined silhouette and grooved outsoles offered plenty of visual interest. Today, all of these factors, plus so many more, add up to one thing: the perfect shoe for grade school boys. 

The No Sock Solution

No matter where you're going or what activities you're involved in throughout the day, having easy on-and-off shoes is a dream. And, thanks to its ultra-lightweight uppers, the Nike Roshe One offers enough ventilation to skip the socks for a wearing or two. When sock-free wearing is an option, you can elevate your looks to next-level, streamlined chic.

Keep it Custom

The older kids get, the more they may want to express individuality —especially when it comes to sneaker styles. That’s where the Nike Roshe One comes to play, with many ways for you to make this shoe your own. Be sure to start with the colorways: from prints to patterns, and even outsoles, these kicks offer chameleon-like versatility. Then there’s a choice of material — mesh or suede uppers mean these shoes can be dressed up for school or formal gatherings as well as dressed down for playtime or after-school activities. Either way, the finish is highly durable, which means every pair will last until it’s time to size up.

Totally Techy

While the Nike Roshe One doesn’t put its tech features on display like other Nike sneaker models, it still has plenty to offer in terms of smart support and comfort. Starting at the bottom, check the signature Nike waffle lug outsole, built to maximize traction so you won’t slip and slide. Then there’s that funky grooved outsole that works with the natural range of motion. And, defying its subtle visual profile, the full-length Phylon foam midsole provides miles of cushy comfort. Just don’t forget that double-overlay midsole — while it helps to create a streamlined profile, it also offers added support, fueling each game or race with added stay-put power.

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