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Men's Puma T-Shirts

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A Brand Rooted in Sports

PUMA got its start in a basement, where the company’s founder, Rudolf Dassler, began manufacturing shoes with his brother. Such humble beginnings eventually yielded international notoriety in which their Dassler spikes could be seen on the podium for the whole world to see. By 1948, Rudolf Dassler went off on his own to start his own company with only a handful of employees to form what is known today as PUMA. The name itself was chosen by Dassler himself as he wanted athletes who chose PUMA to feel as fast and agile as a Puma, and the name stuck. It didn’t take long for PUMA to bring its craft to other sports, like football, soccer, and eventually apparel for sports of all kinds. 

How we see PUMA today is largely based off the “No. 1 Logo”, otherwise known as the infamous puma silhouette, that can be seen on sweatpants and t-shirts for a variety of sports ranging from basketball to casual streetwear. Today, PUMA makes top quality men’s t-shirts and other apparel suited for working out or just kicking it around town. Check out the full collection of PUMA t-shirts for men in a wide range of styles and colorways right here at Foot Locker.