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The Runner’s Staple

The Nike Pegasus cemented its position as the ultimate runner’s shoe when it debuted in 1983. It’s helped athletes evolve, test their limits, and push their boundaries — and it’s grown by leaps and bounds over the decades, too. In honor of the mythical winged creature that inspired its name, the shoe features a half-air configuration. The result: a lightweight shoe that's consistent, agile, and stylish in any environment. Whether you’re a longtime runner, a new enthusiast, or just want a pair of sneakers you can trust, these kicks will do the job — and they’re on sale, too.

The Best Seller

Nike touts the Air Pegasus as its best-selling running shoe of all time, and it’s easy to understand why. There’s no denying its good looks, from its clean lines to its sleek silhouette to its varied colorways. Whether you’re looking for something simple and neutral or bold and fashionable, you’ll find the perfect Pegasus to meet your needs in this mix. What else could you expect from a shoe that’s designed to replicate a flying sensation?

The Modern Edit

Much like the magical animal that inspired its name, the Pegasus is just a plain cool shoe, thanks to a tapered heel that adds a touch of contemporary style to any look. Engineered mesh uppers hug the foot like your favorite pair of socks, helping you stay locked down while you’re on the move. The combination of performance-driven cushioning and support coupled with exciting colors make the Pegasus the perfect shoe to help you express yourself in style.

The Stylish Companion

You don’t have to be an avid runner or athlete to rock the Pegasus. Men, women, and kids can take advantage of these eye-catching kicks — they look great with everything. Try them with joggers and long-sleeve tops on cooler days, or shorts and a tank top on running days.  Hanging out? They look great with leggings, jeans, and sweatpants alike. It’s easy to own your look when you’re walking on air.