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Experience the Air

The Nike Air VaporMax was built on the philosophy that ‘feeling is believing.’ When engineering the VaporMax, the goal was to bring runners closer to the Air sole, so they could really experience the sensation of running on air.

Previous Air Max shoes like the Air Max 1 treated the Air sole as a cushion, combining it with foam midsoles to absorb impact. But the VaporMax reimagined what the Air unit could do. Rather than thinking of them as cushions, the Air units are considered pistons: as each unit is compressed, the pressure inside increases, causing it to rebound against your foot and return energy back to your stride.

All About Design

To achieve this innovative vision for the Air sole, the designers of the VaporMax stripped the shoe down to the essentials. The foam midsole was removed to allow the Air sole to function more efficiently. This created a flexible, streamlined design with no waste.

Even the Air soles were designed for efficiency. Instead of focusing on using the most Air possible like many previous Air Max sneakers, the Vapormax placed Air pods at targeted points of contact. The result was a stride buoyed by Air from beginning to end.

Born to Run, Up for Anything

Each detail of the Nike Air VaporMax was meticulously engineered for running. But the same unique design that makes the VaporMax an ideal running shoe also gives it the individualistic style that sneakerheads love.

By connecting the Air sole directly to the upper, the VaporMax not only provides the sensation of walking on air, but also looks like no other Air Max before it. This makes the VaporMax fundamental to Air Max history and a streetstyle essential.

Renditions like the Nike Vapormax Plus and the VaporMax 97 combine the signature VaporMax sole with the uppers of iconic Air Max shoes. The VaporMax Flyknit 2 adds an ultra-lightweight upper and secure fit to the shoe for premium comfort. Whether you’re logging miles or hitting the streets, grab a pair of men’s, women’s, or kids’ Nike Air Vapormax to experience the Air.

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