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Behind Her Label

Foot Locker Women recognizes the gender gap that exists in streetwear design. We are taking steps towards closing the gap by introducing "Behind Her Label" - a platform that elevates and provides resources to emerging female streetwear designers.

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    Liv Streetwear

    Olivia (Liv) Anthony is the founder of the streetwear brand LIVSTREETWEAR, she empowers women to make a statement by just LIVIN. The amount of success and recognition Liv has already achieved for a designer of her generation is not surprising - she is young in years, but she is not young in experience and hustle. The Alabama native started her brand in college selling custom tees out of the back of her car in 2012. After college she built her brand and community while living in NYC. Liv’s larger than life personality and energy is the cornerstone of her brand, she creates collections and content inspired by the culture of the ‘90s and early 2000s. She uses bright colors, unique textures, and bold silhouettes in her apparel designs to celebrate and pay homage to the decade while bringing new life to vintage trends.

  • Shop Carla Cortijo

    Carla Cortijo

    As a woman who’s been thriving in male dominated arenas for most of her life, it’s no surprise that Carla Cortijo is an emerging up-and-coming streetwear designer. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Carla’s love for creating fashion began with her first sewing machine at 11 years old, she’d been inspired by her grandmother who was a professional seamstress. That same grandmother gave Carla her first basketball at 3 years old, leading Carla to become the first Puerto Rican woman to play in the WNBA. In her collections, Carla strives to merge fashion, sports, and design. She is committed to craftsmanship and hard work in all her endeavors, Carla is a local hero – inspiring young women to thrive, dream, work and play hard.

  • Shop Daughter of an Immigrant

    Daughters of an Immigrant

    Best friends and founders of Daughter of an Immigrant, Leslie Garcia and Karen Garcia began following their dream to design streetwear in 2017. In less than five years they’ve built an impressive international following of like-minded 1st and 2nd generation daughters of immigrants. Leslie and Karen are a testament to women to follow their career dreams – no matter their stage in life or their related experience. With Daughter of an Immigrant, Leslie and Karen honor their history through apparel designs and collaborations that celebrate immigrant families and their impact. Their collections are as thoughtful, inspiring, and purposeful as the women behind the brand.

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