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Girls' adidas Superstar

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Change of Pace

When the adidas Superstar first debuted in 1969, the shoe was to replace the soft canvas basketball sneakers that were in style at that time. Designed with full-leather uppers and that instantly-recognizable shell toe, these kicks gave ballers a lot more protection during game time. And the new look caught on quickly.

Over the next two decades, however, a shift happened, which included taking the adidas Superstar from the athletic realm into solid streetwear territory. Rap songs paid tribute to Superstars. Street icons built entire looks around the shoe. So, today, the adidas Originals Superstar is a must-have for every “it” girl, regardless of age.

Laces and Lines

Several key features help the adidas Originals Superstar stand out in a crowd: the shell toe and colorways that play out on prominently placed Three Stripes. The Trefoil logo stamped on the upper heel — the always-fresh sign of an adidas heritage design. And the sneaker’s easy, low-top rise combined with a classic lacing system that lets preschool and grade school girls experiment with different patterns. Toddler girls look just as cute in the adidas Originals Superstar, but lacing up their shoes can be challenging. So, to help parents get through the morning routine with ease, girls’ toddler sizes of adidas Originals Superstars come with a helpful Velcro strapping system instead.

The Fine Print

Given the success of adidas Originals Superstar sneakers, it just made sense to add clothing to this collection. And the perfect piece of heritage apparel is the track jacket, with retro vibes dating back to the playful fun of the ’80s and ’90s. Old school silhouettes get a graphic update that’s just right for modern girls with the bold colorways of the adidas Originals Superstar Track Top. And these jackets do more than just look good — they are high-performance pieces built for layering, and lasting. The 100% recycled polyester fabric wears well wash after wash, and smart features such as front zip pockets give girls much-needed storage space. Add in ribbed hems and cuffs for superior temperature control, and these cute little jackets offer all-day comfort to boot.