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Kids' Nike Sandals

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Kids’ Nike Sandals

For little Nike fans trying to rep the Swoosh in the summer, kids’ Nike sandals are the way to go. Whether you’re spending summer break poolside, playing sports or at the beach, Nike sandals are a comfortable and convenient option for staying on-brand during the warmer months. 

When the weather gets hot and you don’t want to wear your sneakers, sandals are the best option. Plus, they save your fresh Nike Air Force 1s and kids’ Nike Cortez from getting dirty in the sand or water-stained at the pool. Kids’ slides and sandals let you wear the Swoosh year-round while still having fun.  

Kids’ Slides

Kids’ slides are a favorite, primarily for the ultra-comfortable build and convenient design. The Nike Benassi slide is a great example of all the best traits in a slide. A plush foam sole delivers a soft, cushioning experience with each step, while the footbed is texturized to keep your foot from slipping to minimize blisters. The leather foot strap has a jersey lining, keeping your foot locked down while helping to wick away sweat.

While slides are most known for being poolside companions, they can also be an athlete’s best friend. Their packable designs make them perfect for wearing to practice, where they can be stuffed in a gym bag when it’s time to lace up. That way, you keep your performance footwear fresh while keeping it comfortable.

Our wide selection of slides means there’s something for everyone. We carry boys’ slides and girls’ slides in a wide range of colors, so anyone can find a pair that goes with their fit. 

Sandals for Everyone

For those looking for something besides slides, sandals are your go-to. Many sandals feature a heel strap, which helps to lock down your foot for a more secure fit and feel. For kids that are always on the move and running right out of their slides, a sandal with a heel strap is a great alternative. Some sandals, like Crocs even enclose the toe, for a comfortable, fast-drying sandal that is sure to stay on your foot. 

Shop for boys’ Nike sandals and girls Nike sandals today. 

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