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Make a Style Statement in Sale PUMA Clydes

Since bursting onto the scene in the late 1960s, Walt “Clyde” Frazier has been a cultural icon. Not only is he one of the best basketball players to ever live, he’s also one of the most stylish. During his heyday, Clyde was walking into arenas with fur and mink coats, kicking off the thrilling tradition of pregame fashion. 

So of course, it's no surprise that his namesake shoe is beyond fresh. If it’s going to have Clyde’s name and branding on it, it has to work. This shoe delivers, both in style and function. With these shoes, you’ll be zooming around the court then kicking back post-game while still looking effortlessly fresh. 

The only thing cooler than Clyde is when there’s a PUMA Clyde sale. That’s right. These classic looks are now available as clearance PUMA Clydes.

The entire line of PUMA Clyde Court Hardwood shoes are something to behold. It’s time to get cracking. 

Form and Function

The PUMA Clyde Court combines iconic style with high-tech basketball comfort. These shoes dropped in 2018 for PUMA’s reintroduction into the basketball market — and it’s been a great comeback. 

On the tech side, there’s a hybrid cushioning system that blends IGNITE foam with NRGY tech, which makes the shoe a comfortable, energy-returning powerhouse. The engineered collar supports the ankle, while the rubber outsole with advanced traction designs grip the floor.

On the fashion side, you know this shoe stacks up against the best. It comes in multiple silhouettes, including two-tones, standout graphic prints, and tons of color combinations, including Fluro Green.

You also want to check out the PUMA Clyde Hacked. It embodies a retro look, with tumbled leather and a classic suede toe box. Plus, there’s slick PUMA and Hacked branding throughout. The colorways are on point too, coming in black and metallic silver, red, white, and blue, or maroon orange. It also comes in another version called the PUMA Clyde Hacked Perf Toe, with detailed perforation on the toe for added flair. 

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