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OOFOS Sandals, Slides, & Flip Flops

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OOFOS Sandals: Recover The Right Way

After a long workout, there’s no better feeling then slipping into a pair of exceptionally comfortable slides and letting your feet recover. OOFOS flip flops and sandals give you the comfort you desire by combining a patented footbed with impact-absorbing OOfoam™ technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam. These revolutionary OOFOS sandals were designed by a team of footwear veterans looking to perfect a slide that allows fitness enthusiasts to recover from repeated motions on hard surfaces. The OOFOS team found that many traditional flip flops and sandals were missing key, shock-absorbing technology and not really letting the foot rest after strenuous exercise. After two and a half years of tireless development, they found the perfect foam technology to combine with their biomechanically engineered footbed and the rest is history.

A Variety of Styles

Just because OOFOS invested so much time into creating the perfect footbed doesn’t mean they didn’t take the look of their sandals into consideration. OOFOS sandals come in three different models – the OOFOS INC Thong, OOFOS INC Ooahh Flex Slide, and regular OOFOS INC Flex Slide. Each style yields its own unique perks and provides comfort and support. The OOFOS INC Thong gives off major beach vibes and still features the patented footbed along with a mid-toe strap that reduces energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47%. The OOFOS INC Ooahh Flex Slides allow for easy on and off while providing maximum shock absorption throughout the foot and leg with every step.

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Kick Back and Relax

We all know how important recovery is to an athlete. After putting in work at the gym all day, extra comfortable gear can make all the difference by allowing your muscles to regroup and come back even stronger for your next gym session. Find a full post-workout fit by browsing through Foot Locker’s collection of socks and basketball shorts.

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