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White Sneakers

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Fashion Essential
They may be the ultimate wardrobe essential — white sneakers are as classic as blue jeans. They look great with everything in your closet, they’re more comfortable than dress shoes and high heels, and they’re great to wear whether or not you have athletics on the brain. Your white kicks are perfect to wear to lunch, to school, on vacation, out with friends, or wherever you see fit. It’s no wonder they’ve been spotted on some of the world’s most fashionable folks.

Name Power
Can’t choose a pair? Start with a brand you know and trust — if you can narrow it down to just one, that is. Some of the best white sneakers in existence come to you from most iconic athletic and lifestyle brands around. Rock a classic pair of Nikes, Jordans, or adidas. They’re all designed to keep you going no matter what your day brings. Prefer something that’s more style-focused? Look to UGG, Coach, and Converse. They’ve got you covered with crossover styles that complement everything in your closet beautifully. There are hundreds of other great options from New Balance, Vans, Reebok, PUMA, and K-Swiss, just to name a few.

The Right White
Don’t be confused by the sea of white sneakers — each pair offers something special. Love a sturdy shoe with a futuristic touch? You’ll find that in the Nike Air Vapormax Plus. Keeping things old school? A pair of all-white adidas Originals Superstars is the kind of thing you’ll wear forever. There are even kicks with other colors incorporated into the design, allowing you to make a bolder statement.

The Everything Shoe
Sneaker collectors have to give it up for the white shoe. There’s just nothing more versatile to add to your wardrobe, whether you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt, a dress, or leggings and a tunic. White kicks are available in all varieties, from the trendy “dad” silhouette to more refined styles. No longer are these shoes just for low-key moments or workouts. They wear well in almost any environment, and that’s precisely why the biggest brands in the world continue to deliver the goods.