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Super Heroic

Super Heroic x NERF. Play is good for the soul.

Super Heroic x NERF

For playground use ONLY

Jump Around!

Introducing Super Heroic JMPR v1.0

Super Heroic TMBLR v2.0 Features:

Super Heroic x Nickelodeon SLIME. Play is good for the soul.

Super Heroic TMBLR v2.0 Nickelodeon SLIME

It's time to get slimed!

Play is good for the soul | Super Heroic

Super Heroic TMBLR v2.0 Phase Five

For playground use ONLY!

Picture of Jayson Mayden

Co-founded by dad and former Jordan Brand designer Jason Mayden, Super Heroic was started with a unique goal: Convince every kid who puts on a pair of its kicks that they are a superhero come to life: Invincible. Powerful. Unstoppable.

The team at Super Heroic understands how kids play. After observing his own kids on the playground, Mayden designed the shoes with high-performance details like extra traction to handle a wide variety of surfaces and a heel bumper for easy on and off. Even the packaging is kid-centric: They are boxed in cool shuttle-inspired tube that includes video-game sound effects and a cape, so kids can fully embrace their inner superhero.