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Kids' Jordan Sandals

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The New Go-to Sandal

Slip-on sandals are an essential item all year-round. If you’re looking for slick pair of kids’ sandals for your children to wear around the house or when you take them out, Kids' Jordan sandals are the only ones to even consider. They’re easy to wear and comfy, and they go great with everything.

Sandals are a stylish go-to option that’s always on trend no matter the season. Your kids can wear them by themselves or with socks for more warmth if needed. Wherever the day brings you and your child, you can bring these lightweight sandals along for the ride. Because they are so versatile, you might just want to leave them by the door — because with these on, comfy mode is always waiting right outside the doorstep.

Walk on Air

When it comes to footwear, Air Jordan continues to be one of the most iconic styles since they launched back in 1985. These sandals are made famous by their namesake, none other than Michael Jordan. Known for their stylish look, stretch, and easy-to-wear quality, Kids' Jordan Sandals will have any kid looking good and feeling secure in their footwear.

Slide Into Comfort

The Jordan Flare Sandal is not only sporty-looking, but it's also convenient and simple, which is perfect for little kids who will one day be in the process of honing their own style and figuring out which shoes they find most comfortable. The feature of the iconic Air Jordan “Jumpman” logo means that parents can set the tone early for great, iconic style.

The Jordan Flare Sandal is perfect for little kids who need shoes that wrap snugly around their feet. The outsole provides traction and grip and the molded heel contributes to the shoe's fit. The shoe also features a strap that's meant for easy slip on and off, and offers a snug but not-too-tight fit to keep kids’ feet secure. Parents take their kids out or bring them back inside the house without spending time tying shoelaces. The more kids wear these sandals, the cozier they’ll start to feel on the feet.