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Men's Jordan Fleece Shorts

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Jordan Fleece Shorts from the Jumpman

In 1984, sneaker culture as we know it hadn’t quite kicked off yet. But the Nike Air Jordan's stylish silhouette and striking red and black colorway, not to mention Jordan’s unmatchable popularity, made it a worldwide phenomenon coveted by athletes and fashionistas alike.

Today, thanks to that very shoe, the Jordan name is synonymous with an entire streetwear collection. From sneakers and thermals to T-shirts and shorts, the famous Jumpman logo has made an appearance on a wide range of trendy Nike releases. Yet fans still can’t get enough. In the decades since its debut, the Jordan Collection has become an iconic “it” brand loved by the masses. Just like Jordan himself, there’s just something about these clothes and shoes that make everyone go wild. 

Fleece on Fleek

Made from soft knit fleece and French terry cloth, these Men’s Jordan Fleece Shorts are the latest drop from the iconic brand. Super comfortable and extra durable, they’re the perfect shorts for pushing through a tough workout or just chilling at home with family and friends. They also happen to be available in a wide array of designs and colors.

You can keep the Jordan sweat shorts look classic, with the larger-than-life Jumpman logo on the Jumpman Classics Fleece Shorts. These shorts are perfect for men who want some warmth in their fabric, while still hoping for the cut off at the knees.

You can also opt for a more subtle display with the diamond design on the Jordan Jumpman Fleece Diamond Shorts. Having the elastic waistband means that the shorts can rest comfortably on the body, while the pockets offer more than enough space to fit your hands.

Any way you choose to go, you're guaranteed that your fit will look fly. 

The Full Look for your Jordan Fleece Shorts

The Jordan Fleece Shorts are stylish all by themselves. But for an even cooler look, pair them with some of the other amazing offerings in the Jordan collection, including Jordan T-shirts and hoodies, and jackets. No matter what activity you participate in, where you're going, or how you choose to mix and match, when you stick with Jordan, there's no doubt you're in for a look that will turn heads.