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Nike Air Max 95

Before the Air Max 95, sneaker culture in the ’90s was dominated by basketball shoes. After the Air Max 1’s loud arrival onto the sneaker scene and the Air Max 90’s equally important follow-up, running shoes had ceased to make waves in the industry.

Nike designer Sergio Lozano sought to change this. With a background in industrial design, Lozano promised to bring fresh eyes to the Air Max family. His inspiration for the Air Max 95 came from the geography of Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. While watching the rain slowly erode the earth, he had an idea for a shoe that showed its layers of anatomy.

Lozano took this idea a step further to model the shoe after the human form. Starting with several layers of suede, the shoe’s gradient gradually brightens and eventually reveals the nylon eyelets running beneath like ribs. The chunky midsole beneath looks and acts like the spine, the support for everything else.

Add to these design elements the debut of the volt colorway, and the Air Max 95 was ready to revolutionize the running scene. The shoe was so unique that it didn’t even need a large Swoosh to distinguish it as Nike – Lozano opted for a small Swoosh on the heel, a signature on a masterpiece.  

The Next Step for Air

The Air Max 95’s originality didn’t stop there. The 95 featured the first-ever visible forefoot Air cushioning, continuing the Air Max tradition of pushing Air technology to the limit. The new forefoot cushioning provided the sensation of walking on air for a full heel-to-toe stride. This feature of the Air Max 95 would later be mimicked in the iconic Nike Air Max Plus, a shoe collaboration between Nike and Foot Locker.


Streetwear Icon

Though it would later be loved by sneakerheads, the launch of the Air Max 95 was controversial inside Nike headquarters. Due to its unprecedented design, the 95 subverted the status quo, making enemies of those who couldn’t see that it was the future of footwear.

But the 95’s controversial design was welcomed by fans, and quickly took streetwear by storm. It wasn’t long before the sneakers became a staple of the hip-hop scene, cited in verses by Danny Brown, Gucci Mane, The Game, and more. The rebellious silhouette attracted groups looking to redefine the culture.

Today, the Air Max 95 is regarded as a sneaker icon, standing alongside legendary sneakers like the Nike Air Max 1, the Nike Air Max 97, and the Jordan Retro 3. With new colorways and renditions every year, the 95 has proved that it’s not going anywhere. Join the legacy and cop your pair of Nike Air Max 95s today.

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