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Nike TR Shoes: Ready to Train

Since its inception in the ’60s, Nike has been at the forefront of footwear. Its groundbreaking advancements in tech over the decades have cemented Nike’s spot in performance footwear as one of the best to ever do it. From its revolutionary visible air unit in the Nike Air Max 1 to the Nike Free’s minimalist design – both sneaker lines live on to this day. 

In more recent years, Nike has dialed in their line of Nike TR shoes to take on even the most grueling training days and help you get your next PR. The Nike Free outsole to allows for the ultimate in flexibility, and is often incorporated into many Nike TR sneakers. The Nike Free TR collection boasts the perfect blend of flexibility for cardio and wide support under the heel for the biggest of leg days on the squat rack.

Nike’s Training Shoes

Looking for a training shoe that can hang with your cardio workout while having enough support at your heels for heavy squats? Nike’s extensive line of training shoes has you covered with wide support underfoot. Scaling up ropes? The Nike Metcon has a durable rubber outsole that wraps high up the midfoot to climb ropes with ease. The Metcon also has a drop-in midsole and firm heel to keep you stable for heavy lifts, with just enough cushioning to absorb shock. You can even grab the more versatile Nike Free Metcon with more flexibility for those cardio intervals to keep things moving.

Going to the gym to train requires more than just a solid pair of Nike training shoes. Your gear can make or break your workout. All of the Nike clothing, from shorts to Nike backpacks and everything in between, you can gear up for a day at the gym to look your best, and train your best. Shop the entire collection of Nike TR shoes with sizing for both men and women and tackle your next training day with gear tailored to you.