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Finding Your Fit

Finding the right running shoe can be a challenge. Everyone’s stride is different, meaning we all have a different point of heel strike to toe off every time our feet hit the ground. Not only that, but each of us have a different goal in mind – from short jogs to sprints to long-distance runs -- when we lace up our shoes. 

With great deals on a wide selection of women’s running from some of the biggest brands like Nike, adidas, Asics, Brooks, and more, it’s easy to find the right fit for your style of running. Many of adidas running shoes for women have adidas’ groundbreaking Boost cushioning technology underfoot to provide maximum energy return. Boost gets this done through tiny pockets of air inside of the revolutionary foam, leaving you with a lasting bounce to your step, perfect for just about any style of runner. If you want to tailor your shoe more towards heavy heel strike or high arch, take a look at the selection of women’s Brooks and Asics running shoes in the lineup right here at Foot Locker, along with many other brands and performance models to choose from.