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Toddler Retro-11 Shoes

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Jordan’s Jordans

The first Air Jordan was a pure sports shoe — an original, one-of-a-kind creation meant to bolster Jordan’s game on and off the court. In 1984, sneaker culture as we know it hadn’t quite kicked off yet. But the shoe’s stylish silhouette and striking red colorway, not to mention Michael Jordan’s unmatchable popularity, immediately made it a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, the Nike Air Jordan is a style staple and one of the most iconic and coveted sneakers of all time. It’s been revamped and reimagined in countless different ways, yet sneaker fans still can’t get enough. There’s just something about the fit makes people go wild, go hard, and reach for new limits. In the decades since its debut, the Jordan's become an iconic “it” shoe — a shoe worshipped by fashionistas, coveted by athletes, and loved by the masses.

Little Flex, Big Steps

These days, even toddlers work the Jordan fit. The Retro Jordan 11s, which returned in 2000 with a patent leather exterior and what is known widely as the most popular Jordan silhouette of all time, are everything a toddler needs to enjoy a breezy, carefree lifestyle. Try the Jordan Retro 11 Little Flex, which features a foam midsole to keep your child’s foot cushioned and secure while they play. Or pick up the Jordan Retro 11 Low, which has a flexible underfoot and a no-slip grip bottom to provide traction against any type of ground or flooring.

No matter what, the Retro 11 ensures that your child is protected and supported as they run, jump, and play through their toddler years. As an added bonus, every Jordan Retro 11 carries brand-new slip-on technology. That makes taking these shoes on and off an easy, tantrum-free endeavor that’ll leave you and your child both eager and ready for the day. 

Beyond the Jumpman

Your kids might not have had the opportunity to see Jordan play live, but the Retro 11s are a way to live out the legend’s iconic legacy at the playground, the park, and even the preschool. To keep with the Jordan branding, these shoes look great with Jordan T-shirts and Jordan sweatpants.