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FLX is our free rewards program where you can earn XPoints and redeem them for unique rewards including: sweepstakes, products, head starts for hot launches, events, and more across all of our Foot Locker family of brands (“Brands”). 

Our Brands include: Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Footaction, and Eastbay. FLX is open to residents of the United States or Puerto Rico, who are 13 years of age or older, and have a valid email.



How do I join FLX?
You can join FLX at any of our Brand stores, on websites, or on mobile apps in the U.S or Puerto Rico.*  

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Is there a cost to join FLX?

No, FLX is a free rewards program. There is no cost to join or be a member of the FLX program.

I am already a member of VIP, Star Club, or MemberSHIP. Does my membership transfer to FLX?
If you were a member of Foot Locker VIP, Kids Foot Locker VIP, Lady Foot Locker VIP, Champs Sports VIP, Footaction Star Club, Six:02 Style Perks, and/or Eastbay MemberSHIP, your membership transferred to FLX. Please log in to confirm your account.

I signed up for an online account and agreed to receive marketing emails.  Am I already an FLX member?
No. FLX is different than registering for an account and signing up to receive emails. You must enroll separately in FLX to become a member and get FLX benefits. Join now

I enrolled in FLX with Lady Foot Locker, am I also a member of FLX with other Foot Locker, Inc. brands?

Yes, your membership with FLX now includes all of our Brands: Lady Foot Locker, Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Eastbay, Champs Sports, and Footaction.

Is there an FLX App?
FLX can be found in all of the mobile apps for the Foot Locker family of Brands. You can download apps for Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Footaction, Champs Sports, and Eastbay in the Apple Store or Google Play Store



How do I earn XPoints?
You can earn XPoints in three ways:

1.     Make a purchase at any of our Brand stores in the U.S. or Puerto Rico and present your FLX card from one of our mobile apps, your membership number, email address, or phone number.

2.     Make a purchase at any of our Brand websites or mobile apps while logged in to FLX.

3.     Participate in free “FLX Earn Activities” on social media, surveys, blogs, and more. Current earn activities can be found at**

Is there any cap or maximum to the points I can earn?

There is no cap on the number of XPoints you earn from purchases on any Foot Locker Inc brands.  There is a monthly maximum of 1000 points that you can earn from engagement activities (i.e. referring a friend, completing your expanded profile, completing surveys, etc.)



How do I receive Free Shipping?
As an FLX member, you get free shipping as long as you are logged into your FLX account when checking out online or in our mobile apps. Some exclusions on select products may apply. FLX members in Alaska and Hawaii receive free ground shipping on orders. If you did not receive Free Shipping while logged into your FLX account, please contact customer service with your order number. 



How many XPoints do I earn on my purchase?
For every dollar you spend in any of our Brand retail stores, on websites, or on mobile apps, you will earn 100 XPoints as an FLX member. 

Can I get XPoints for purchases I made before I joined?
Yes, you have 7 days from your purchase to join and earn XPoints on that purchase. Call customer service at 1-800-991-6883, or email for assistance.

I forgot to tell an associate I’m an FLX member when I made a purchase. Can I still get XPoints for that purchase?

Yes, you have 7 days from the date of your purchase to earn XPoints for that purchase. Call FLX Customer Service at 1-800-991-6883, or email for assistance.

What happens to my XPoints when I return items or cancel an order?

XPoints will be removed from your account when you return items or cancel an order.

Do my XPoints expire?

If you do not make a purchase at any of our Brands within 365 days from your last purchase, your XPoints will expire.***

What are the FLX status levels?

Members who earn between 0 and 30,000 XPoints will have X1 Status.

Members who earn between 30,000 and 49,999 XPoints will have X2 Status.

Members who earn 50,000 XPoints or more will have X3 Status.

If you do not make a purchase within 365 days from your last purchase, your status will expire, and you’ll start over at X1 status.

How is my FLX Status determined when I had a previous VIP, Star Club or MemberSHIP membership?

Your new FLX status is determined by the amount you spent in the last year. If you were a VIP Platinum member who spent over $500 in the last year, you will have X3 status with FLX.

When do XPoints show up in my account?
XPoints will normally be added to your Account within approximately three (3) business days after the day you earned them, but it can take up to 30 days.

I don’t see XPoints I think I should have earned. What do I do?

XPoints should be added to your FLX Account within three (3) business days after the day you earned them, but it can take up to 30 days. If you did not receive XPoints, contact customer service at 1-800-991-6883.

Can I earn XPoints for making a purchase at a Foot Locker family brand store in Canada or Mexico?

Not at this time. XPoints can only be earned by making purchases at any of our Brand websites, mobile apps, and stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. 



What can I earn with my XPoints?
You can redeem your XPoints for a wide variety of rewards, including Head Starts for shoe launches, experiences, sweepstakes entries, exclusive products, gift cards, and more. Check out current rewards here. **** 

Can I share my XPoints?

XPoints are non-transferable. You may earn and redeem XPoints solely for your own FLX account. There is a limit of one FLX membership per person.

How do I redeem my XPoints for rewards?

Log into your FLX account on any of our Brand websites or mobile apps and check out the FLX Reward Center for available rewards. Follow instructions to redeem your XPoints for different types of rewards. 

Can I redeem my XPoints to purchase product in stores and online?

No. XPoints may not be used to purchase products in store. XPoints may only be redeemed for items in the FLX Reward Center, or for Head Starts in our Brands Launch Reservation.

How do I see available rewards?
FLX members can see all rewards currently available in our FLX Rewards Center here.

Can I return rewards?

No, all reward redemptions are final. 



How long do I have to Verify My Account? 

You have three (3) months from the time of your initial sign up to verify your account, which completes your FLX registration. This will allow you to earn and redeem XPoints for engaging and shopping with Foot Locker Inc. If you verify your account after the three months have passed, you will only earn points from purchases made within three (3) months of the date you verified your account and completed your registration.

How do I see how many XPoints I have?
You can see your XPoints balance in your FLX Dashboard.

If I accidentally create two accounts, can I combine them?
Yes, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-991-6883, or for assistance. 

I’m having trouble with my Account, can you help me?

Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-991-6883, or for assistance. 

How do I update my communications preferences for my FLX account?

Your communication preferences can be updated by using the links provided in any FLX email you have received. 

What if I want to cancel my FLX Membership?

Please email customer service at, or call our support team at 1-800-991-6883.

Can I have more than one FLX account?

Members are only allowed one account per household.  Having more than one account is not permitted per our Terms and Conditions

I had multiple VIP accounts on the different brands.  Can I have more than one FLX account?

If your former VIP accounts were tied to the same email address, those accounts were combined prior to the launch of FLX.  You are only allowed one FLX account per household.


Last Updated:  March 2020

* As an FLX Member, you are required to complete your registration online within three (3) months of the date you enrolled. If you complete your registration after three (3) months has lapsed from your enrollment date in the FLX program, you will only earn XPoints for transactions that occurred within three (3) month of the date you complete your registration online at

** XPoints earned from purchases at our Brands only count towards your U.S. and Puerto Rico FLX Account.  Currently, XPoints cannot be combined or transferred between memberships.  XPoints will not be awarded for buying a gift card but will be awarded when the gift card is applied to a purchase.

You must connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts to your FLX account via the FLX Reward Center located at in order to earn XPoints by engaging on social media.  You are subject to the terms and conditions of these social media websites, as well as any third-party website associated with FLX.

*** XPoints earned through earn activities with FLX (i.e. profile completion, surveys, etc.) do not count towards the 365-day expiration timeline, i.e. if you have engaged with the FLX Program but have not made a purchase, your XPoints balance will still expire 365 days after your last purchase.  If you make a purchase but then return all the items from that purchase, the 365-day countdown start reverts to the previous last purchase date.

****  Product or prizes earned from XPoints cannot be delivered to military addresses.  


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