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Men’s Jordan

Though the Jordan Brand was first created to provide Michael Jordan with the best technology for the hardwood, the brand has since grown a legacy larger than the court. MJ’s gravity-defying game and storied career paired with Nike’s bold sneaker designs created a mythos around the brand. They weren’t just another pair of basketball shoes – they were a symbol of limitless possibility.

The Birth of Flight

The legacy began in 1985 when MJ first wore the Retro Jordan 1’s on the court. Nike marketed the shoes as being banned by the league, adding to MJ’s defiant persona and creating nation-wide buzz. The shoes were a hit. Just two years later, Nike went all in with Jordan. With the release of the Jordan Retro 3, the brand ditched the swoosh and moved to a new logo: the Jumpman. An icon was born.

Building a Legacy

The Jordan brand continued to build its legacy through MJ’s successes and sneaker designs that challenged the status quo. Throughout his career, MJ racked up six championship rings and six Finals MVP awards, solidifying his spot as the best to play the game. Meanwhile, the Jordan Brand released icons like the patent leather Jordan Retro 11, the cat-inspired Jordan Retro 13, and more. Together, Michael Jordan and Nike shaped the culture for generations to come.

The Future of Jordan

Today, the Jordan Brand continues to innovate while paying homage to their history of flight. Every year, Retro Jordans are re-released, flying off shelves and drawing huge crowds. Shoes like the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 made for Russell Westbrook push on-court innovation and remain on the cutting-edge of performance technology. With our wide selection of Jordan apparel, Jordan basketball shoes, and Jordan retro releases, you can join the history and rep the legacy.