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Due to the popular demand and limited release of Yeezy shoes, we’re currently out of stock. Ever since Kanye West and adidas combined forces to build their revolutionary shoe, hardcore collectors and casual fans alike have been making sure Yeezy shoes sell out hours after their release. In the future, be sure to follow our emails for the latest information on new releases.

adidas + Kanye

Truly innovative style requires a truly radical mind — and that’s just what adidas got when they partnered with Kanye West in 2015. Formerly known for his brazen behavior in the media and revolutionary music, Kanye’s arrival on the fashion scene was met with apprehension from critics. Despite the doubts, the first Kanye and adidas release was a hit with consumers — the Yeezy Boost 750 sold out in just 10 minutes. Then came the streamlined Yeezy Boost 350 and 350 v2, followed by the ’90s-inspired Boost 700 running shoe. The shoes all sold out and resale prices soared, sometimes reaching more than a thousand dollars for a single pair of shoes.

Throughout all the iterations, the core themes for the Yeezy brand have been a minimalist design and flesh-toned colors. Despite a seemingly simple design philosophy, Yeezy has already significantly altered the fashion landscape. His wife Kim Kardashian is frequently seen sporting the latest in the Yeezy line, helping the brand grab traction in popular culture. But ultimately, it’s Kanye’s steadfast faith in his vision that holds the world’s attention. Like his music, Kanye isn’t afraid to push boundaries in the name of his artistry and redefine the game. Now Yeezy lookalikes are popping up all over the market — a sign that the culture is following Kanye, as always.